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Student Organization Funding Opportunities

1. Segregated Fee Funding
2. Special Allocation Requests
3. Funding Appeals

Segregated Fee Funding
*The Segregated Fee Funding process is currently being revised, please look for more details in the coming weeks.

In order to be eligible for funding, organizations must meet the following two requirements:
1. Be an officially recognized student organization
2. Must be in good standing for at least twelve continuous months

If an organization has been deemed eligible to receive funding, a budget request packet will be sent to the organization. The organization must complete the budget request forms and submit them by the established deadline. The organization must then present their budget to the Organizations Commission at a budget hearing at an established time.

For more information on segregated fee funding, please browse through the Organizations Funding Handbook.

Special Allocation Requests(Back to Top)
Organizations that have been deemed eligible to receive segregated fee funding may also request a special allocation from Student Senate. 

Special allocations requests must meet three criteria:
1. The project must benefit the campus community
2. The project must be a one-time event (events will not be funded multiple times through special allocation)
3. The project must attempt to economize expenses

Organizations interested in requesting a special allocation must pick up a special allocation request from Colleen Bader (220 Davies) and submit the completed from to the Director of Finance. The Finance Committee will review the request and either approve or deny.  Approved allocations will then go to Student Senate for a vote. Funding would become available immediately. 

Funding Appeals(Back to Top)
If an organization is unhappy with a decision made regarding a funding request, they may appeal the decision to the Finance Commission. After appealing to the Finance Commission, if the organization is still unhappy with the outcome, the organization may appeal directly to Student Senate.

UWEC Student Organizations Opportunity Fund Application

*The Student Organizations Opportunity Fund is currently unavailable.

The Student Organizations Opportunity Fund is intended to benefit UW-Eau Claire student organizations for the purposes of benefiting the members of your organization, UW-Eau Claire students, faculty, staff and/or the Eau Claire community at large. Possibilities for uses of this funding include fundraising efforts, community service, projects, programs, activities, travel, seminars, conferences, and supplies. Please note that this fund is supported by generous donations to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation. Funds are allocated "after" the funds are spent and evidence of documentation (receipts, treasurer's report) and evaluations have been submitted 2 weeks after the event/final spending takes place. The Student Senate Organizations Commission will review all applications and will notify organizations about their funding status within 2 weeks of the deadline.


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