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Start a New Student Organization

UW-Eau Claire has nearly 275 student organizations on campus and the Student Senate encourages all students to follow their passion.  If you have an idea for a student org and something similar doesn't already exist on campus, you can petition for recognition.  Petitions will be accepted from September 1 - November 30th each fall. 

*Students can petition for new student organization recognition during the fall semester of each academic year.  Petitions will be accepted from September 1 - November 30th

Step One

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Step Four

Annual Renewal Process for ALL currently recognized student organizations:

  1. Update the organization's BluSync "Org Profile" by October 31. The Org Profile is located under the Settings tab in your organization portal. 
  2. You must have administrative access to the portal to update the Org Profile (previous administrators can provide new administrators with access OR see the following tutorial for assistance: or to become an administrator:  If you are still having trouble, please contact the Activities, Involvement & Leadership Office should you need additional assistance in obtaining access.
  3. Send two members of the organization to the mandatory student organization workshop each fall.
  4. Update the organization's constitution* and upload to the BluSync Org Profile (ensure that it adheres to the most recent constitutional guidelines: Constitution Guidelines.)
  5. Visit with your faculty or staff adviser** and confirm that they will continue to serve as your adviser.
  6. The Campus Affairs Commission will review all renewal/profile updates for re-recognition approval. 

*The organization's constitution must adhere to the most recent UW_System_Student_Organization_Constitution_Requirements_as_of_July_2015, if they are not, the constitution must be updated and submitted annually, or anytime changes are made.
**Student organizations must maintain an adviser who is a member of the University's faculty or staff.

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