UW-Eau Claire Blugold Organization Bash

Blugold Organization Bash (B.O.B.) is an event held each semester for students to get to know the campus organizations. We had information for incoming freshmen and requested that they sign up for an email list to receive information about upcoming ALD-PES events and for a special invitation to our Freshman Study Bags event in December.

UW-Eau Claire Birthday Bowling Bash

ALD-PES members are invited to cupcakes and free bowling at the BBC in honor of our birthday & ALD's 90th Anniversary! Our ALD chapter turned 42 years old on October 31, 2013! Also, our PES chapter turned 47 years old as of October 6, 2013.

UW-Eau Claire ALD-PES Caught Studying Tag

UW-Eau Claire ALD-PES Caught Studying

Bags of candy are given out to students studying on campus around finals.

UW-Eau Claire ALD-PES: Dear Freshmen 2013

UW-Eau Claire ALD-PES paired with the UW-Eau Claire Freshmen Orientation Committee to create the Dear Freshmen campaign. We collected information, thoughts, advice and comments from current students, faculty, and professors on what they thought the incoming freshmen class should know about UW-Eau Claire before they started classes. We collected quotes through social media, email and setting a table up in the Davies Student Center.

Dear Freshmen 2013 Facts:

  • 28 slides
  • Music by: scottaltham
  • Song Title: Hear Us Now


UW-Eau Claire ALD-PES Multimedia Release: Dear Freshmen 2013

2013-2014 Executive Board Retreat

The 2013-2014 Executive Board had a planning retreat at the beginning of the semester. At this retreat we did a team building activity, talked about the goals that we had for the semester and planned activities, socials, events, information sessions and some of induction.

Our goals for the year were…

  • Work on recruitment of prospective members
  • Increase member involvement
  • Increase communication with members
    • Email
    • Social
      • (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

UW-Eau Claire Faculty-Student Research Workshop

We held a workshop on Faculty-Student Research. The workshop was presented by Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

UW-Eau Claire ALD-PES Fall Mixer

We held a Welcome Back to School Fall Mixer this year where we ate nachos and played outdoor games. One of the games we played was Kubb. Eau Claire is the Kubb capital of North America and the game is becoming very popular both in the community and on our campus so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to combine a piece of the community with our organization on campus. We also played bean bags and listened to music while we discussed upcoming events for the year.


Freshmen Finals Kits

For the past two years we have given out study bags to freshmen before their first round of college finals. They include a variety of treats and tips for studying. We made 300+ bags to hand out for freshmen and handed out all of them!

Hey Freshmen!!

YOU do NOT want to miss this!!

On behalf of the UWEC honor societies, we would like to wish you all GOOD LUCK on your first round of finals by giving away...
**FREE** finals kits full of FOOD & study tips!!

  • WHEN: To Be Determined.
  • TIME: To Be Determined.
  • WHERE: To Be Determined.

The first 300 freshmen to arrive will receive an entire bag full of FREE goodies to help you study and succeed for your finals next week! So hurry in, they'll go fast!!

We wish you all the best of luck, and hope to see you Wednesday evening!

Study Tips

UW-Eau Claire Honors Reception

For more information about the Honors Reception, please visit

UW-Eau Claire ALD-PES Induction

For more information about our induction, please visit our induction page.

Relay for Life

We sponsor a team for the Relay for Life at McPhee Olson Center on the UW-Eau Claire Campus.

We hold information sessions for both Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma scholarships.

For more information about them, please visit our scholarship page.

We provide bowling and pizza event at the UW-Eau Claire Bowling & Billiard Center.

This provides time for new inductees to ask questions about induction and for them to meet the executive board.