About Us

Amnesty International is an independent worldwide movement working for the international protection of human rights. It seeks the release of people detained because of their beliefs, color, sex, ethnic origin, language or religious creed, provided they have not used nor advocated violence. These are termed prisoners of conscience. It works for fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners and works on behalf of such people detained without charge or trial. It opposes the death penalty, extra-judicial executions (political killings), 'disappearances' and torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment of all prisoners without reservation. Amnesty International promotes awareness of and adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognized human rights instruments, the values enshrined in them and the indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights and freedoms.

Amnesty International is impartial and independent of any government, political persuasion or religious creed.

Amnesty International is financed largely by subscriptions and donations from its worldwide membership.

On campus

The focus of Amnesty on the UWEC campus is to educate students on civil rights issues both internationally and in Eau Claire itself. Through the use of letter signings, movie showings, and presentations Amnesty hopes to promote a world that is fair for all.